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IRENA Members Drive Global Energy Action on the Road to COP28

IRENA Assembly Takes Stock of Global Energy Transition Ahead of COP28

Governments Set Out Action Plan to Help Make Clean Technologies Cheaper and More Accessible

Prime Minister of Korea Urges for Forging a New Cooperation with Latin America, as a Forward-Looking Vision amid the Major Transformations Humanity is Living Through

IDB Lab Announces Results of the BlueTech for Waste Challenge

We face an abyss of irreversible climate consequences, says IRENA DG

CCCCC Holds South-South Knowledge Exchange On Climate Finance

Declaration of Cuenca Reaffirms the Regional Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

Leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean discuss how to recalibrate the path towards the Sustainable Development Goals in the region

UNESCO, UNICEF and ECLAC warn that at the current rate, Latin America and the Caribbean will not achieve the education goals set by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

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