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Technology development, key statistics, new projects and utilisation of Solar Energy in the Caribbean.

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The Dominican Republic’s commission granted concession for the 110-MW/131-MWp Coastal Solar photovoltaic (PV) project

Construction has started on a facility that will harness solar energy in the island of Anegada in the British Virgin Islands

Solarpack signs concession agreement with Ecuador’s power and mining ministry for a 200 MW solar farm

Brazil adds 515 MW of solar and wind power capacity in one month

Cuba’s NTPC invites global bids for solar PV and battery storage

BNB loans Eneva SA US$58.3 million for the development and construction of an 870 MWp solar PV project in Brazil

Beckles: New Piarco solar farm has potential

TT Government and EU agree on solar park project at Piarco

Government, EU, UNDP Sign Agreement to Implement Renewable Energy Project

300 households in rural Haiti have been equipped with clean energy from Okra Solar’s Mesh-Grid technology

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