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Technology development, key statistics, new projects and utilisation of Geothermal Energy in the Caribbean.

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Dominica announces ongoing flow testing at the second geothermal production well and drilling at the first reinjection well

22 geothermal exploration permits currently active in Mexico

Polaris announced the completion of construction, testing, and initial operation of its 10.4 MW geothermal binary power plant in Nicaragua

St. Kitts and Nevis announce new plans for geothermal project

Mexico’s CFE earmarks US$75.2 million for geothermal projects next year

Colombia’s Ministry of Mines and Energy Proposes Governing Requirements for Exploration of Geothermal Resources

Sector Coupling in Facilitating Integration of Variable Renewable Energy in Cities

Renewable Energy and Jobs Annual Review 2021

Renewable Energy Jobs Reach 12 Million Globally

United Nations Framework Classification for Geothermal Energy

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