Fuel Switch

Fuel Switch

Provides information on cleaner and more economical fuel alternatives such as LNG, CNG, hydrogen, biofuels, LPG, Electric Vehicles, methanol, and ammonia, in the transportation sector (both land and sea applications). Also looks at modern equipment upgrades to help reduce energy consumption and costs for end-users, while also curbing carbon emissions


Looks at the technologies, systems, processes, cost effectiveness and how it can be used as a cleaner fuel as an alternative to fossil fuels such a petroleum, coal and natural gas.


Provides research and information on the use of CNG as a cleaner, cheaper, lower carbon, and more efficient fuel alternative.


Provides research regarding the use of electric vehicles as a safer and cleaner alternative to vehicles powered by fossil fuels and the developments occurring within this space.

Green Hydrogen


Provides research on the possibilities of using hydrogen as a cleaner fuel in comparison to fossil fuels. Explores the types of hydrogen such as (Green and Blue), its technologies and environmental prospects in carbon capture and renewable energy.

LNG for Power

Provides research on using LNG as an alternative fuel for power generation and the contribution it can make towards reducing CO2 emissions, as the energy sector progresses towards achieving a carbon neutral-world.

LPG, Methanol, Ammonia

Provides research and data regarding the use of LPG/Methanol/Ammonia as cleaner fuels, its technologies, developments, challenges and solutions as the energy sector progresses it energy transition pathway.