Energy Transition

Explores information relating to the shift from fossil-based systems of energy production and consumption — including oil, natural gas, and coal — to renewable energy sources

Energy Transition

Renewable Energy

Data on energy collected from renewable sources, which are naturally replenished on a human timescale. Includes carbon neutral sources of energy such as solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, as well as energy storage systems


Technology development, key statistics, new projects and utilisation of Solar Energy in the Caribbean.


Technology development, key statistics, new projects and utilisation of Wind Energy in the Caribbean.


Technology development, key statistics, new projects and utilisation of Geothermal Energy in the Caribbean.


Provides research and information on harnessing water as a form of sustainable energy for the generation of electricity.

Energy Storage

Information and research on the development of energy storage technologies to improve the possibility of capturing energy.

Energy Efficiency

Technologies, systems and processes aimed at reducing greenhouse gas and methane emissions, as well as more efficient and sustainable use of electricity supply

Methane Emissions

Tracks information on methane emission, mitigation technology and its adoption in natural gas production, transportation and livestock grazing in the Caribbean.

GHG Emissions

Tracks development of technology to reduce key GHG emissions including carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, nitrous oxide… along with key statistics on emissions quantity and sources in the Caribbean.

Fuel Switch

Provides information on cleaner and more economical fuel alternatives such as LNG, CNG, hydrogen, biofuels, LPG, Electric Vehicles, methanol, and ammonia, in the transportation sector (both land and sea applications).


Provides research and information on the use of CNG as a cleaner, cheaper, lower carbon, and more efficient fuel alternative.


Provides research regarding the use of electric vehicles as a safer and cleaner alternative to vehicles powered by fossil fuels.

LNG for Power

Provides research on using LNG as an alternative fuel for power generation and the contribution it can make towards reducing CO2 emissions.


Provides research on the possibilities of using hydrogen as a cleaner fuel in comparison to fossil fuels.

LPG, Methanol, Ammonia

Provides research and data regarding the use of LPG/Methanol/Ammonia as cleaner fuels, its technologies, developments, challenges.


Looks at the technologies, systems, processes, cost effectiveness and how it can be used as a cleaner fuel as an alternative to fossil fuels.


Provides information on carbon capture, utilisation and storage technologies that contribute to both reducing emissions in key sectors directly and to removing CO2 to balance emissions that are challenging to avoid – a critical part of “net” zero goals.


Provides the research and data on the technologies, developments and benefits of capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


– Provides data on emission reduction technologies, enhance oil recovery systems and approaches that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Other Carbon Capture

Provides research on the initiatives for capturing CO2 from the atmosphere, by looking at types of carbon, capture, utilisation and storage technologies.